The Farm Cart

Building local food networks

What is the Farm Cart?

The Farm Cart is a FREE online platform connecting local producers and purchasers of local food.

Local Food is an essential component of community, health, and sustainability. One of our core principles is to facilitate local food markets without interfering with, or replacing, the face-to-face relationships that make local food so personal and valuable.

We make sales management easier for small-scale producers, and ordering easier for purchasers of local foods.

We at the Farm Cart are committed to supporting your family’s business. It is a joy for us to be part of your success. Likewise, if you find the Farm Cart to be a valuable tool for your business, we welcome your voluntary contribution!

The Farm Cart
streamline wholesale processes:

Small-scale farmers
Growers, Ranchers, Fishers
Local bakers and food producers

The Farm Cart can save you hours every week, present your products professionally and attractively, and help you manage your sales records easily.


Quickly and easily generate lists of available products
Save product images and descriptions for enhanced presentation
Display wholesale prices only to approved customers
Implement graduated price structures and quantity discounts
Consolidate orders into one harvest report
Receive online payments
Send reminders to your customers
Keep track of order histories and payments
Present a professional profile
Make your farm easy to find for potential wholesale customers

The Farm Cart
easily manage ordering relationships with local producers:

Grocery stores and Co-ops
Food hubs
Restaurants and Coffee Shops

The Farm Cart is a one-stop site, where you can easily browse available products from your local farms, place orders, and keep track of your order histories.


View images and descriptions of available products from local farms
Find local farms and establish business relationships
Easily place orders and receive order confirmation
Manage existing orders
Keep track of order histories and payments
Pay easily online